“A new era begins in Arantzazu”


The Arantzazu Social Innovation Laboratory is a vision made real, offering innovative responses to the needs of Basque society


In an era defined by unprecedented upheaval and change, Arantzazulab was conceived as a space for reflection and innovative experimentation to address the social challenges of the future.

Based in the Gandiaga Topagunea centre in Arantzazu, the laboratory aims to become a benchmark for social innovation and a hub for people in pursuit of a fairer, more cohesive, competitive, and humane society.

What sets us apart? The human element, and this is the cornerstone of our activity. Taking collaboration between stakeholders as a springboard, we will work to generate new knowledge, promote new values and experiment with new ways of rising to the complex challenges we face as a society.

Arantzazulab promotes research, experimentation and socialisation aimed at social transformation, and encourages active and continuous learning. We are a hub for "listening and learning together".


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With our focus on social action and the environment, the Arantzazulab social innovation laboratory explores innovative solutions for the four major challenges of our society: coexistence, well-being, ecological transition and work.

In these times of great upheaval and change, we rise to these challenges by placing social, cultural and economic perspectives at the heart of our agenda.

Because our society is looking for new answers and values. When we understand the needs of Basque society, we tackle the challenges from the point of view of the involvement of its people. Arantzazulab's answers for the future, will be determined in collaboration with you.

Complex challenges require complex answers. We believe the only way forward is collective collaboration.






Ecological transition



Collaborative Network

The greatest transformations arise from collaboration, and Arantzazulab promotes spaces and networks of collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including people, companies, entities and community groups.

The next critical step in social innovation can only be achieved through active listening, reflection, collaboration, mutual learning, creativity, knowledge and shared education. Collectively we will respond to the challenges of the future and the needs of our society.

Now, as always, global challenges will have collective answers.


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Conference Center

The Social Innovation Laboratory has its foundations in the natural, spiritual, cultural and social heritage fostered by the Gandiaga Centre in Arantzazu. What better place than Arantzazu to build a fairer, more cohesive and humane future?

Since its establishment the Gandiaga conference centre has represented a hub; a collaborative space for reflection, debate, research and learning. Arantzazu has always been a point of reference and a haven for experimentation. Arantzazu has always been at the very forefront of innovation.

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