What are we? Why are we here?

Arantzazulab is a laboratory for innovation in governance and democracy. It aims to deepen and disseminate collaborative governance by reflecting, researching and experimenting with new models of relationships between public institutions and civil society, with a view to empowering people, promoting collaborative governance of public policies and strengthening democracy.

Arantzazulab has a clear mission: "To be the main space in our country for the development of knowledge on

collaborative governance to deepen democracy, at the service of citizens, the institutional system and social actors".

Located in the Gandiaga Topagunea centre in Arantzazu, the ultimate goal of the laboratory is to spread the culture of collaboration in society, to become a meeting and active learning point for citizens, and to offer new tools and knowledge to increase citizen involvement and participation in the public agenda.

What are we looking for? 3 key elements


Our starting point

Arantzazulab is the result of an in-depth reflection process initiated by different stakeholders in our region: public administration, social stakeholders, universities and private stakeholders.

Launched in autumn 2020, it aims to deepen democracy in the Basque Country and be an innovative space for reflection and experimentation in the field of collaborative governance.


Our journey

In the first few years of the laboratory's life, an ambitious programme has been launched and several collaborative projects have been initiated, providing a solid foundation for the laboratory.


Annual reports:



Reference Centre for Governance and Social Innovation

Within the framework of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz strategy of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Arantzazulab is named as a Governance Reference Centre.

Get to know Etorkizuna Eraikiz. The Etorkizuna Eraikiz case: Building Collaborative Governance in Times of Uncertainty

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Governance Model

At present, 14 key actors in our area are part of the governance structure, giving the laboratory coverage and legitimacy.

Political leadership, the creation of relationships of trust and support are essential, as they are crucial to influence innovation in governance. The Basque Country's democratic and participatory culture, together with its social capital, is a solid foundation for Arantzazulab's work.

They are on the Board of Directors (members of the management board and founders): Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Basque Government, MONDRAGON Cooperative Corporation, Kutxa bank Foundation, Oñati Town Hall and the Franciscan Community at Arantzazu.

The Advisory board includes the three main universities of the region (University of the Basque Country-UPV/EHU, University of Deusto and Mondragon Unibertsitatea), and other social innovation labs and research centres: Eusko Ikaskuntza, Agirre Lehendakaria Center, TMeLab, Orkestra-Basque Insititute of Competitiveness  and Arantzazuko Adiskideak.


Zuzendaritza Batzordea


Aholku Batzordea


We are a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals (innovation, strategy, design, social sciences, communication) who are motivated to design, develop and build an innovative and ambitious laboratory. Firmly committed to our mission and goals. We are convinced of the contribution that Arantzazulab wants to make. We are committed to contributing our grain of sand to the transformation of governance.


Arantzazu: Heritage

Over the centuries Arantzazu has become a symbol for the Basque people, an intersection of culture, our language, architecture, humanism, spirituality, and our passion for the great outdoors. An inexhaustible source of social values, Arantzazu has always been a place for brave new endeavours.


Arantzazulab represents an opportunity to continue in this tradition and make a valuable contribution to our territory in the 21st century. The cultural and artistic heritage of this place is one of the greatest treasures of the Basque Country, and it also underpins the strategic framework of Arantzazulab and the social innovation we promote. For this reason, we actively foster and manage the process of promoting and regenerating the heritage of Arantzazu.