In an era defined by unprecedented upheaval and change, Arantzazulab was conceived as a space for reflection and innovative experimentation to address the social challenges of the future. Based in the Gandiaga Topagunea centre in Arantzazu, the laboratory aims to become a benchmark for social innovation and a hub for people in pursuit of a fairer, more cohesive, competitive, and humane society.

What sets us apart? The human element, and this is the cornerstone of our activity. Taking collaboration between stakeholders as a springboard, we will work to generate new knowledge, promote new values and experiment with new ways of rising to the complex challenges we face as a society.

Arantzazulab promotes research, experimentation and socialisation aimed at social transformation, and encourages active and continuous learning. We are a hub for "listening and learning together".




Transform Arantzazu into a benchmark in social innovation and a hub for the people, to achieve a fairer, more cohesive, competitive and humane society.


  • Community developmentfacilitating participation and empowering people.
  • Ecosystem creationbuilding a collaborative network.
  • Openness and internationalisationlearning from advanced international models and generating knowledge.
  • Research, training and delivering new knowledge to society.

WHY? WHAT is the starting point?

1. CONSENSUS: willingness of key stakeholders in the territory to collaborate.
2. RESPONSIBILITY: a contribution of value for Basque society in the spirit of the tradition of Arantzazu.
3. CONTEXT: an era of far-reaching transformation. The new challenges of the future demand innovative responses.
4. COOPERATION: proposals arising from collaboration between people, agents and institutions. A public-private-social alliance.
5. SUBJECT: People. Collaborative Governance. People at the epicentre of the public agenda.
6. HUB: a space for "listening and mutual learning" centred on people, with the values of Arantzazu at its heart.
7. COUNTRY LEVEL PROJECT: a joint response from wide-ranging Basque Country stakeholders, a community project.

WHAT are we going to do?

We will promote social innovation to reflect on and experiment with a new approach to the complex social challenges we face as a country. We consider this social innovation to be aligned with certain values:


We encourage public participation and empowerment. To respond to the needs of Basque society, the laboratory will tackle social challenges through the involvement of people, fostering their participation in the public agenda and collaborating with different stakeholders.


Only by strengthening collaborative networks between public, private, social organisations, and people will we be able to rise to our challenges as a community. We will explore new models of governance between institutions and organised society and integrate new insights drawn from social innovation.

HOW are we going to do it?

Arantzazulab will undertake three core activities: Research, Experimentation and Dissemination.  We will carry out this work by promoting continuous active learning:  listening and developing ideas, generating knowledge, experimenting, building networks, internationalising, and disseminating the knowledge generated as a result.

Everything will be based on a framework of stakeholder collaboration. It is no coincidence that complex challenges require comprehensive solutions.

Governance model

Based on the Collaborative Governance model, Arantzazulab is the product of collaboration between numerous stakeholders. Led by a Management Committee, and with the collaboration of the Advisory Board, it will develop the strategic roadmap for the creation of an innovative public-private-social alliance.


Board of Directors


Advisory Board


We are a team of multidisciplinary and highly experienced professionals who passionately believe that social innovation is key to the transformation of society. We are deeply committed to our pursuit of a fairer and more cohesive world, and we take our first steps forward on this journey with enthusiasm and excitement.

Arantzazu Gaur Foundation

Founded in 2008, the Arantzazu Gaur Foundation is made up of the Franciscan Order of Arantzazu, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, Oñati Town Council, the MONDRAGON Corporation and Kutxa Foundation. It promotes, manages and coordinates the promotion and revitalisation of Arantzazu, taking into account both the historical identity of the Sanctuary and Franciscan principles. Arantzazulab now represents the central hub of the foundation, and additional activities such as promotion and revitalisation of Arantzazu's heritage, management and operation of the Gandiaga Topagunea Conference Centre, etc, will also be incorporated into its operations.


Arantzazu heritage

Over the centuries Arantzazu has become a symbol for the Basque people, an intersection of culture, our language, architecture, humanism, spirituality and our passion for the great outdoors. An inexhaustible source of social values, Arantzazu has always been a place for brave new endeavours.

Arantzazulab represents an opportunity to continue in this tradition, and make a valuable contribution to our territory in the 21st century.

Humanist values

Arantzazu is built upon the humanist tradition and the values intrinsic to the human condition. But what are these values? After careful exploration we believe the them to be:

1. THE WELL-BEING OF PEOPLE: people take centre stage. Empathy.

2. COLLABORATION: separation of powers, shared decision-making centres and collective authority. Creating community in collaboration.

3. A HUB FOR DIVERSITY: a space where diverse sensibilities and perspectives meet.

4. OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE: participation of people and at the service of the people.

5. SPIRITUALITY: strengthening spirituality and inclusive of different spiritualities. Searching for the meaning of life.

6. INNOVATION: a transformative approach for the future. An innovative outlook.

7. CULTURE AND THE BASQUE LANGUAGE: an innovative source and promoter of Basque culture.

8. CRITICAL SPIRIT: the ability to distance ourselves from the beliefs we have embraced/adopted over the course of our lives.