“Slow cooking”

Any process of experimentation needs to be developed over a slow fire in order to extract the learnings and tackle new challenges. This is precisely what we have tried to develop in the experimentation team of the co-creation ecosystem, working on the systemic perspective over a slow fire. Do you want to try the first dish? 

In this podcast members of the group and accompanied by music share what they have experienced. Enjoy your meal!

Note: the podcast is recorded in Basque.

The co-creation ecosystem members are: Arantzazulab, Apitropik, Beta, Be&Lab, Colabora, Elhuyar, Emun, Farapi, Impact Hub Donostia, JM aholkularitza, Kutxa fundazioa, Maraka, Pez estudio, Tipi and Wikitoki. 

The experimentation group members are: Apitropik, Be&Lab, Farapi, Ko-garri and Maraka.