The Citizens’ Assembly of Tolosa ends the information phase and dives deep in the deliberation in its third session


On the 19th of November, in the third session of the process, the participants of the Citizens’ Assembly of Tolosa have finished the information phase and have immersed themselves in the deliberation phase. The day began with a review of the work carried out to date. In the two previous sessions, experts and professionals have contributed with their presentations to develop knowledge on the question posed by the City Council of Tolosa: What can the City Council of Tolosa do through public-community collaboration to achieve a Tolosa that improves the health and emotional well-being of all?

At the end of the information phase, the Assembly members learned about the experiences that are being developed in Tolosa through the interventions of the following local stakeholders:

  • Maider Sierra, psychologist and from the Association Against Cancer (AECC), member of the Tolosa Prevention Table.
  • Mireia Roca, Zutani Association.
  • Ixa Imaz, Inmaculada Vocational Training School.
  • Garikoitz Murua, Artistic Director at GKo Gallery.

In a round table facilitated by Garikoitz Lekuona, participation and community development technician at Tolosa Town Council, the four local stakeholders took part in a discussion in order to explain what is happening in Tolosa in relation to the question posed by the City Council, as well as to share the upcoming challenges that each of them forsee. The video of the colloquium will be available in the next few days on the initiative’s website.

Tolosa Batzarra, 3. saioa

Afterwards, the facilitators illustrated the next steps of the process: the deliberation and the formulation of the collective recommendations. They explained the agreed rules for the group deliberation and the structure that will be followed to elaborate the recommendations. They also shared some examples from other Citizens’ Assemblies.

In the first sessions, the citizens started to create a space with recommendations seeds, where initial ideas for possible collective recommendations were collected. The group of 32 members of the Citizens’ Assembly of Tolosa have chosen 5 seeds of recommendations and have started to put into practice the elaboration of recommendations. The initial proposals have been elaborated in five groups, and subsequently, each group has enriched the other recommendations.

In the next two sessions, on the 3rd of December and on the 17th of December, the Citizens’ Assembly will dive deep in the deliberation, analysing all the information received to date and will shape the recommendations that they will finally present to the City Council of Tolosa.